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Mt Kilimanjaro We had a really fantastic time! It wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be, but that is partly because of the guide, Mike - who took great care of us. He realized that we came from sea level and that we needed more time to acclimatize. So everything was done ‘pole pole’ .Like I said the whole team were very professional and they had everything under control from the tents to the meals. So guys, this has truly been an experience that has changed my life in so many ways. Thanks again for everything, we really appreciate it.
Miklos’ Ivana & Nadezda Ostravská, Czech Republic
We have to admit, we had such high expectations concerning the trip and we were afraid to get disappointed about our African dream. We tried and failed not to get too excited about it, but surprisingly it was even better than we could ever imagine! Friendly and easygoing people, astonishing landscapes, amazing wild animals, beautiful trip! Thank you so much for organizing it for us!
Ludwig Klemens, Freiburg, Germany
Definitely the best vacation of my life! I wish I could have stayed for longer because the trip was amazing and interesting every single minute and it makes you want to come back… Trust me! If want to experience East Africa, see wild animals, enjoy the African sun, tropical sand beaches, then you should absolutely travel with Mount Kenya safaris.
Giles Fraukje, Eindhoven- Netherlands
Whether you are looking for a budget road trip for you and a friend or you want a complete guided tour- James is your man! He is a very knowledgeable guide with an always positive attitude. We had him as a guide and also had him make us a safari package for both Kenya and Tanzania! I highly recommend James.!
Piers Gordon, Leicester UK
We enjoyed it so much!!! We saw about 14 lions- unbelievable! Also 1000s of zebras and wild beasts. Of the big 5, we only missed the leopard but that is just one more good reason to go back to all these beautiful countries. Kenya and Tanzania! Thank you very much for your interest and the great organization! It is just another reason why our next trip to east Africa will be with you again.
Olaf, Ingelise Mogens, Skagen-Denmark
Everything was wonderful, it was more than I expected, the tour, Lodge facilities, especially food, and really wonderful guides…I so much enjoyed everyday, Thank you once again, I was really prepared for tour and it was because I had all information's from you. And... normally companies do not care about clients as long as they pay, you are exceptional.
Greg and Melissa Osborne, Connecticut- USA
The things we saw and experienced on our trip will forever be burned into my mind as some of the most enjoyable and memorable of my life. From the sun setting over Maasai Mara to the Sunrise on Mount Kenya, this is a trip not to be missed! Thanks for the memories.
Linda Stewart, Winchester UK
Mt Kenya - Sirimon Route We had a great time climbing Mt Kenya! We had wonderful views all over the mountain and everything was well organized at the Bandas. We made it all the way to the summit point Lenana , but we didn’t stay long- it was freezing cold and our guide Nicholas had to take some pictures for us- we were exhausted! Everything went according to plan and we want to thank you very much for organizing this great adventure for us. Really Super!
Leonie Wolfgang, Klagenfurt-Austria
What an amazing African adventure!. Thank you for organizing this incredible journey for us. Your attention to detail and concerned that everything went smoothly made for a happy trip in Kenya. We will spread the word of the great customer service and your great organizational skills to anyone interested in visiting the East Africa.
Sheila Douwe and Tamara, NorthRidge USA
My best friend and I had such an amazing and memorable experience. I'm a huge lover of animals so being on Safari was a lifelong dream for me. Our guide James was fantastic,he was knowledgeable, knew how to cope with hiccups like flat tires or elephant crossings(!), and made the whole experience that much better! I would recommend people to get out there for a real brush with nature and wildlife in Africa
Christina and Mathew Dugan, United Kingdom